LYFORDEATH @ Hard Club, 2021/06/18

Original Portuguese version on World Of Metal.


I don’t exactly miss the delays on the so-called “underground shows” but I couldn’t help smiling at this whiff of normalcy which LYFORDEATH provided (even if, surely, not on purpose). It wasn’t more than ten minutes, but when you’re sitting down and haven’t seen a live concert for quite a while, it feels longer. They began then with “Tenebrae”, the first official video off “Nullius In Verba”.

The night could belong to their “brothers SOTZ’” but it was clear from the start that the crowd was just as happy to see the opening act – and I don’t mean it just by the number of t-shirts people were wearing, which was pretty large. Not sure if that’s what encouraged singer Gil Dias to call us “brothers” as well (it was only my second time seeing the band and I honestly can’t recall if this was already how he addressed the audience back then) but the mood was just right for it; the excellence of the music itself (an aggressive and obscure combination of thrash/death) and the expressiveness of their performance put us all on the same page for about forty minutes and made us feel part of the same family.

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