SOILWORK @ Laurus Nobilis Music Famalicão, 2019/07/28

Original Portuguese version on World Of Metal.
Originally shot for Valkyrian Music.


Unlike what had been announced when we learned about HYPOCRISY‘s last minute cancellation, SOILWORK didn’t play longer than originally planned – it may have felt that way because they’ve started their gig later, but they’ve played for the hour and a half they were supposed to play in the first place.

To me, and to the majority of the fans, it was a great show where they promoted the latest “Verkligheten” and brought up a handful of highlights in their career. But Björn Strid isn’t exactly the kind of guy who manages an empathic connection with the audience. No, it didn’t look like he was up there only out of duty, not at all! And he even put us clapping our hands to the rhythm of a few tracks. But there’s “something” missing in order to conquer new followers through his live performances.

From oldies such as “Like The Average Stalker” or “Nerve”, up to songs out of the aforementioned “Verkligheten” and its predecessor “The Ride Majestic”, the quality in their melodic metal – so typically Swedish – was flawless. As to the encore “Stabbing The Drama” and “Stålfågel”, that was a personal icing on the cake. It really just needed a little bit more of human warmth in Strid‘s posture, but that’s the way he is – you’ve got to deal with it.


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