INFRAKTOR @ Tondela Rocks, 2018/04/14


Infraktor skate

Tondela, the sons of a butcher are coming for you!

At the risk of sounding cocky, I’ll say that INFRAKTOR was the most awaited band of this year’s edition of Tondela Rocks: the other acts experienced a great void in front of the stage while that space filled up quickly even before INFRAKTOR‘s soundcheck, with people screaming the Portuguese equivalent to “metal, fuck yeah!” (metal, caralho!); so they knew what would come next and were eager for it. So even if the sound sucked dish water – I can’t honestly remember a gig where it sounded so terrible -, with the boys clearly not listening to each other, therefore going often out of sync, but still giving it all up there and getting back that passion in spades from the crowd… yeah, I can safely say it ended up being one of their most heated gigs. :D

The Infraktorettes :heart::

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