WEB @ Not A XXXmas Fest, 2017/12/23



Hi there lil’ brother!

I didn’t attend the fest, not exactly – just dropped by to see WEB and say goodbye to the venue, as Cave 45 would close its door a week or two afterwards. It was a nightmare to shoot there – I didn’t even take my Nikon this time – but I loved the people and the place.

WEB have been working hard on the successor of “Everything Ends”, hence the few gigs played in 2017 and to be played in 2018, but we’re still waiting for a glimpse of such work. So that night we had the usual focus on the aforementioned latest album, with “Mortal Soul” and a medley of “Resilient Casket” and “(In)Sanity” representing “Deviance”, and the classic “Strong Winds, Strong Waves” out of the debut “World Wild Web”.  Great? Pff! What else? B-)



Those pajamas…

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