HILLS HAVE EYES @ Casainhos Fest, 2016/09/03


If you’re thinking “Again?!”, then you probably can’t name a band that gives you the rush and makes you feel so good the way HILLS HAVE EYES do with me. Yes, this was the 7th time I’d seen them this year alone, and I could easily go for another 7, as in my book, HILLS HAVE EYES define what live concerts are all about – as long as they keep that up, I’ll never get tired of them.

They’ve played Casainhos last year as well (report & gallery here) but besides the aforementioned excellence of their performances, “Antebellum” hadn’t been released at the time, so no one can bitch about their return in this edition of the festival.


About Pieni

A metalhead who loves photography and her friends.
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