MORE THAN A THOUSAND @ Canecas Bar, 2016/06/10

mtatcan1If HILLS HAVE EYES was chaotic, MORE THAN A THOUSAND was total anarchy. Canecas has this nice courtyard from where you can see part of the stage but listen to the show in full, so that’s where I ended up, safely singing along. It was somewhat frustrating not being able to take more photos at such meaningful concert, at my favorite venue – even the heat, that’s usually in sauna levels when there’s so many people, wasn’t so unbearable (guess the “please don’t smoke inside”, requested by the band, helped – Vasco thanked us for it); but life is unfair, and this being MTAT‘s farewell tour is proof of that.

The setlist was the same of Madrid, I believe (report here), and even though the crowd’s response was pretty much the same, this was our homecountry, so it was another flavor of “special”. :heart:


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