SOUL OF ANUBIS @ 1st anniversary BBBlast, 2016/06/04


BBBlast clothing celebrated its 1st anniversary with a small festival (obviously), and since its owner Rui “Shaq” Silva plays drums in two bands, they both were featured on the bill (also obviously). So SOUL OF ANUBIS and their prog metal opened the fest. Late like hell since the venue, Estalagem S. Miguel in Parque La Salette (Oliveira de Azeméis), is a very beautiful place but has some power issues… I wasn’t even certain I was at the right place since everything was drowned in deep darkness when I arrived. They managed to fix it – and there wasn’t any more blackouts throughout the night – but every band was forced to shorten their setlist. SOUL OF ANUBIS cut down two songs but they were still able to offer a great show, with a few tracks from their latest “The Monster Among Us”.


Mosher TV in action:

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