COMBO F @ Kurt Weill Jam Session, 2016/01/27


I’ve known Susana Brochado for ages and always considered her one of the best bass players – both male and female – in our underground. Such admiration was born way before we’ve become close, so it’s not influenced by our solid friendship. And because of that talent, I was sure she’d excel when she enlisted in the jazz school to study double bass.

This Wednesday was her debut outside the classroom. The school – Escola de Jazz do Porto – arranges jam sessions with the students every two weeks. Each group is called “combo” and Susy‘s was COMBO F (yeah, I confessed I laughed…). The other students in her combo were Ruben Ausina and João Antunes on the electric guitars, Filipa Paiva on the piano and Simão Nogueira on the drums. This week the jam session was dedicated to the German composer Kurt Weill and COMBO F played “New Bossa” and “Tune Up”. Susy complained about a couple of mistakes she made but I honestly didn’t notice any. She was great! I’m really proud of her. :aww:


The last combo had Susy‘s teacher, Pedro Barreiros, on the bass guitar:

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