R.A.M.P. @ Canecas Bar, 2014/12/13


R.A.M.P. proved that it was possible to tour across their homecountry Portugal and have support bands of such different subgenres from their own. It’s the passion for rock/metal in general that matters, my friends, and that night at Canecas – the last date of the Rampage Tour – brought that line to life.

It seems that one of BLAME ZEUS-Sandra‘s dreams was to sing “Alone” with R.A.M.P. and that dream came true… at a price. Singer Rui Duarte noticed, during the tour, that she only drank tea and water. Tequila is sort of the official drink of Canecas Bar. So, have you guessed what was the aforementioned price? :D One or two songs later, Rui would be asking Sandra‘s whereabouts, curious to know if she had thrown up already.

SKINNING were also called on stage, but they didn’t sing/play anything with R.A.M.P.. Same as DEBUNKER. But the first were invited to jump to the sound of some pop-dance tune that R.A.M.P. improvised – totally opposite to the death metal nature of their own band – while DEBUNKER simply joined a mosh circle that guitarist Tó Pica started on stage.

Other musicians from other bands – no matter if they did or did not take part of the tour – would be up there eventually, an “all-star stage invasion” of sorts (including the owner of Canecas, Pedro Preto). HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL-Ricardo Silva – who Rui petnamed of “Tasmanian Devil” and, consequently, I did the same but shortened it to “Taz” – had been filming the event, so he gave the camera to EQUALEFT-Miguel while he sang “Hallelujah”. Miguel would also have a moment under the spotlight, not singing (which was a surprise, since he shares the stage with practically everyone…) but because Rui told the audience that there was a man who didn’t stop surprising him. He sang, he moshed… and he played golf! “What the fuck?!”, he would add. :XD:

Their roadie Rui Lopez would play guitar close to the end, and stage manager/sound tech Sérgio Duarte would sing MOTÖRHEAD‘s “Ace Of Spades”. I think this was also when Pica played with Mota, the bartender, standing between him and his guitar.

These were some of the “specifics” of the show. The rest was a major party to the sound of a major band. :)



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