MANTRA PROJEKT @ Plano B, 2014/07/04

mantraprojektMANTRA PROJEKT is what I like to call a “zen band”. Using their own words, they want to “share the effect of the sounds and ultrasounds (mantras) of the Old Yôga (SwáSthya Yôga)”. This was the release party of their debut album “Ashta”, in a venue packed with fans who actually knew the words, so strange to me. Really nice. :aww:

Just a three-member line-up, consisting in siblings Maria and Nuno Cramês (the latter a.k.a. Veggy, who you’ve seen dozens of times before in this blog, with his other band EQUALEFT) and good friend Rui Cardoso (PROJECTO SEM NOME), and yet such a powerful vibe they’re able to spread. :)

After the whole “Ashta” was played, Maria said they could still repeat one of the songs, if we asked for it very much. I believe it was “Samba Sadáshiva”, this time in an acoustic version. So Maria sat down on a stool, although she claimed it was due the time spent standing on those heels and not exactly for a visual effect more suitable to an acoustic performance. :D



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