CALIBAN’s “Ghost Empire”

Original Portuguese version in Sound(/)Zone.


Two years ago, CALIBAN released what’s probably their most acclaimed album to date. If the excellence of this “Ghost Empire” doesn’t beat “I Am Nemesis”‘, it surely matches it.

Using more clean vocals – including Andy Dorner‘s, when that was just guitarist Denis Schmidt job – and mora gang vocals, the general sound is more melodic, without compromising their usual aggression.

All tracks are intense and it mustn’t have been easy to choose the first promotional single of the album. “Devil’s Night” got the honours, wth its pretty catchy chorus and powerful main riff. Although “My Vertigo” and “Cries And Whispers” aren’t far behind, the contrast between calm and fury sounding sharper, given the more speedy rhythm of both songs.

“King”, “Chaos – Creation” and “Wolves And Rats” have the aforementioned gang vocals adding some irreverence to the melody, but the highlight goes for “I Am Ghost” for the faster and raw passages that the gang vocals and the piano keys turn somber.

“yOUR Song” it’s another peak, probably the most mosher-friendly track – the intro recreating a live scenario just emphasizes this thought. And “this is your song / this is your song” clearly tightens the bond between the band and the fans.

“nebeL” (“Leben” in reverse, which means “life”), CALIBAN‘s first song entirely in their mother-tongue, features BastiBasti (CALLEJON). This song’s edges are more polished and its chorus full of soul; only “I Am Rebellion” flows easier through our ears – not a ballad, but close.

This refined sound doesn’t turn CALIBAN into a commercial act but an evolutionary one. “Ghost Empire” is a rich work, product of who knows how important  it is to take detours without losing track.

Label: Century Media

Producer: Marc Görtz and Benny Richter

Track list:

  1. King
  2. Chaos – Creation
  3. Wolves And Rats
  4. nebeL (feat. BastiBasti)
  5. I Am Ghost
  6. Devil’s Night
  7. yOUR Song
  8. Cries And Whispers
  9. Good Man (feat. Christoph Koterzina)
  10. I Am Rebellion
  11. Who We Are
  12. My Vertigo


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