ANTIVOID @ Metalpoint, 2013/11/30

As this was my last show of the year, I probably should have put some more effort into shooting it. But despite ANTIVOID being a bunch of really cool guys, their sound – grind/crust/hardcore – isn’t really my cup of tea. Plus, November was a really full month for me, probably the one I had more fun, but also the one that got me more tired. The mosh was more intense, the floor was more slippery due spilt beer and sweat… I turned my back on the front row after a couple of songs. I’m still pissed that I couldn’t get any pic of Hugo, as more than being the drummer, he is also the owner of Metalpoint, which was celebrating its 6th anniversary. :X I promise I’ll do better on the 7th… :P

ANTIVOID2013Happy anniversary, Metalpoint. I complain a lot about shooting in your womb, but you’re still the most iconic underground venue we have. :)

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