EVERGREY @ Vagos Open Air, 2013/08/09

Original Portuguese version at Sound(/)Zone.


» As the night started to fall, Swedish EVERGREY got on stage, with their somber and progressive melodies. And what a premiere! With a 18-year-old career and eight studio albums, it wasn’t hard to delight the audience – even though they could have played “For Every Tear That Falls” or “Words Mean Nothing”, going back to the two albums released still in the nineties. Still, from “When The Walls Go Down” to “A Touch Of Blessing”, going through “Monday Morning Apocalypse”, “Wrong”, the beautiful Dilba cover “I’m Sorry” or “Broken Wings”, quality and emotion are two of the best words to be associated with the concert of this Göteborg band.

Having a late flight, singer/guitarist/mastermind (and only original member) Tom Englund said that after the show they would “hang around with you guys and drink some beers”. I don’t know if that happened, but given the warmth with which the majority welcomed and applauded them when seeing their expectations met, surely there would be many who’d like to buy them the aforementioned beers. «



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