BULT @ Belsepub Henriksberg, 2013/06/22

Originally posted in Valkyrian Music.

» After The End Of Grace were forced to withdraw their presence, Bult stepped in with their “progressive metal”. In quotes because that’s how they label themselves, although if you’d asked me, I’d say they play death metal with a bit of groove to it. Or maybe it was just the fierceness with which the band performed that masked all the intricate structures of prog and made it sound rawer and more straight-forward. Whatever the case, it was a heavy performance that seemed to please the crowd – there was no mosh, but the applause and screaming that grew stronger through the show proved that.

They kicked off with a couple of recent songs (“The Merciless Zero Of Indifference” and “Shattered”) and went on with the oldies – “The Denial”, “Overtly Powerless” and “Not Human”. A short set, but cool enough. «



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