CRUNGE @ Debaser Slussen, 2013/06/13

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» Crunge, who “don’t play grunge” as singer Mathias stated, don’t have a full-length album yet to promote, but a couple of EPs do the trick perfectly – “Desolate” (2011) and “Throwdown” (2012). The band explores a side of rock totally different from Librah – the heavy side, loaded with groove. While the previous gig took people into an introspective journey, this other appealed to rawer feelings and more effusive body manifestations (meaning fists in the air and headbanging). Also the musicians didn’t stand still for a moment, the rhythm just too infectious for that to be possible. With or without a guitar in his hands, Mathias addressed to the crowd often, whether to thank them, incite them to clap their hands, introduce the following song or just say something funny. Bassist Peter talked a few times too – after all, he’s also a Bandit Rock Radio host, so if there was anyone who still didn’t know Crunge, the chances were that they would certainly know him. One of those times I believe he was talking about the “last shows” there at Debaser, as it seems the place is shutting down in September, due to the rebuilding of the Slussen area (something that’s been planned since the seventies). But as people cheered afterwards, Peter must have said something like “let’s hear it for Debaser” or “scream loud as there won’t be another chance to do it here”… whatever it was, it wasn’t a sad thing.

Mathias introduced “Diggin’” as “the best song we’ve written” and after that came a brand new one, to be featured on their upcoming album – “Evil Woman”“We Are” closed a very energetic gig, leaving the crowd screaming for more. «


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