SACRED SIN @ Spot Music Club, 2013/04/30

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» Sacred Sin probably doesn’t say much to anyone outsider the Portuguese borders, but they are heroes in the underground of their home country. For 20 years (1991-2011) their death metal and perseverance inspired other local musicians. They eventually decided it was time to put an end to it and focus on their other projects (as all members had those), but now they thought better and are back. In celebration of their resurrection, they released a limited edition (250 copies) of their first EP “The Shades Behind” in vinyl, re-mastered, ’91 promo-tape included. And, of course, they put up a hell of a party along with it.

More than headlining the bill, Sacred Sin were the hosts of the night – literally, as they had a parade of guests with whom they shared the stage and performed both original songs and classic covers.

The first guest was Luís Simões, from Shrine, a thrash/speed band extinct in 1997 but who was also releasing a limited edition (500 copies) of a double album featuring their discography (2 full lengths and 2 promo-tapes). Luís had the honor of playing guitar in “The Chapel Of Lost Souls”, which was the very first song Sacred Sin ever wrote.

António Gião from Disaffected, the other band where Sacred Sin’s singer/bass player José Costa gives voice to, dedicated the song he played in to his 3-month-old son, but I honestly can’t remember which song that was. I do remember, and oh how well, that Rafael Maiafrom V12 drove everyone crazy while singing Motörhead’s “Ace Of Spades”. Someone in the audience even shouted that he was going to listen to them from now on – I don’t know if he knows that V12 split up in 1993…

Xne and Ary helped covering Sepultura’s “Arise” (a band their own Assassinner often covers) and Fernando Martins from Web sang Testament’s “Over The Wall”, along with the crowd. Luís Lisboa (Hacksaw) got on stage saying he was 13 when he saw the first Portuguese band playing on MTV Headbangers’ Ball, way before each county had its own MTV broadcast. I remember that as well, Vanessa Warwick with her oxygenated-blond & blue hair introducing “Eye M God”, which was actually the second video of Sacred Sin she was playing on the show, the first being “Darkside” a couple of years before. It was “Eye M God” that Lisboa sang, obviously proud of doing so.

Ricardo Silva from Holocausto Canibal from Theriomorphic and Maurício Quetzalcoatl from Sacrificare also had their prime time. In the end, they all got on stage – plus a couple of fans – to sing Rose Tattoo’s “Nice Boys (Don’t Play Rock’N’Roll)” – which you probably know by Guns N’ Roses, but as singer Angry Anderson once said, “we wrote the song, they made it famous”. And that night, Sacred Sin made a night to remember. «


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