GENERATION GRAVEYARD @ O2 Academy Islington, 2013/02/12

Originally written and shot for Valkyrian Music.

» THE 69 EYES, a.k.a. Helsinki Vampires, have been touring Europe in support of their latest release, “X”. On February 12th, they sank their goth’n’roll fangs in London’s O2 Academy Islington.

But before that, local death punks GENERATION GRAVEYARD had the honor of warming things up. Their music may be “a little harsher” than what most of the headliners’ fans are used to, but in general the crowd went along with it pretty well. Someone screamed something less pleasant at some point, but as singer Max pointed out, that someone had paid a ticket and was watching him and his band, so…

They kicked off with “Abominate/Desolate”, showing right away how serious they were about delivering a very energetic gig. An 8-song setlist that included “Suburban Suicide”“Deletist” and “The Empty”, and which ended after 40 minutes with the title-track of their EP“Poison City”. Maybe somewhat out of place, but they did play a great show. «


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