DEMENTIA 13’s “There Are Those Who Kill Violently” video making of

I had heard it through the grapevine that Álvaro (PITCH BLACK) was putting up a death metal project with Zé Pedro (HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL) but I forgot about it… until I got an e-mail from Álvaro, about one year later, asking me if I’d like to show up at Metalpoint and take part of the video that would launch the band. Old school death metal isn’t exactly my favourite cup of tea, but I never miss a chance to support my friends. Besides, I’d never been behind the scenes of a video shoot – it would make a great report for Front Row Forever. :D

The songs are inspired by classic cult horror movies and this “There Are Those Who Kill Violently” was written/produced after Abel Ferrara‘s “The Driller Killer”. So you have this mental serial killer that goes out in the streets and randomly drills holes in people. Then he gets to Metalpoint where DEMENTIA 13 are playing a gig and he makes three victims in the audience.

The shooting took a few days but I was only present when they shot the Metalpoint deaths – the day they were one guitarist short because Marco was working. The following day they would return to Metalpoint to film him on stage, but I couldn’t make it. So no pics of Marco – sorry boy.

My friend Ruby Kruss was in charge of the makeup and she did a really nice goo as fake blood. :XD: One of the ingredients was strawberry jam so I guess my cousin Miguel (EQUALEFT), who was playing the bouncer and absolutely loves strawberries, hadn’t a really hard time when that thing was all over him at some point. :D It seems that it took some time to get the right mix, but Ruby made it – and it didn’t stain the clothes. Great job, girl! :)

Miguel Canossa was the driller killer, Ana Fernandes, Judith Albuquerque and Bia Dias (EPPING FOREST) were the victims, and then many “well-known faces” of the national underground made the audience.

Here are the pics:

And here’s the video:

Also, you can download for free the debut EP “Tales For The Carnivorous” here and get more gory details on DEMENTIA 13‘s Facebook. If you like death metal, you should check them out. ;)

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  1. Nando says:

    Excelente trabalho. Boas fotos.

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