FEAR FACTORY @ Hard Club, 2012/11/18

It had been 6 years since FEAR FACTORY had last played in the north of Portugal, at the original Hard Club, and boy were we happy to have them back! The security guys had their hands full with the crowdsurfers practically since the show started with “The Industrialist”.

Despite having this new album out, only one more song – “Recharger”  – was played. The rest was more like a best-of kind of setlist.

After “Acres Of Skin”, Burton C. Bell asked if we liked that ‘Digimortal’ shit”, and as we screamed “YEAH!”, another one came along – the mandatory-jumping-track “Linchpin”.

The very first full-length, “Soul Of A New Machine”, was also double-represented by “Martyr” and “Scapegoat”, but it was their second – probably the one which put FEAR FACTORY on the map – that got the biggest focus with four tracks, all played last, in what could be considered an encore if the guys had left and returned to the stage. “Demanufacture”, “Self Bias Resistor”, “Zero Signal” and one didn’t need to check setlist.fm to know “Replica” would be the closing theme. Everyone was already screaming it when Burton announced “this will be our last song” and Dino Cazares said he wanted “everybody screaming I DON’T WANT TO LIVE THAT WAY”. Which obviously everyone did.

The guys also seemed very pleased to have returned, Burton thanking and asking “if you’re having fun say FUCK YEAH!” several times. A lot of “fuck yeahs” were loudly heard that night.


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4 Responses to FEAR FACTORY @ Hard Club, 2012/11/18

  1. Miguel"inglês" says:

    As cores mais Dark ficaram bem nas fotos.
    Curti as fotos 😀 e curti o concerto.
    foi muito bom relembrar Fear Factory 🙂
    Fuck Yeah that´s the spirit

    • Pieni says:

      Thanks, cous 🙂 Acho que sim, que encaixa no espírito de Fear Factory, mas um bocadinho mais de luz dava outra qualidade às fotos – estava com a máquina pequena, que não é tão eficaz como a grande 😉

      Adorei o concerto 😀

  2. ijooojjoooojo says:

    Pena que não tiraste uma foto do Dino Cazares sem T-shirt. Era memorável.

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