SOEN @ Hard Club, 2012/10/04

Original Portuguese version here:

» Due some technical problems of Hard Club itself, the gig was delayed for about half an hour. But SOEN‘s sound was so powerful and high defined that the waiting was worth it.

Formed in 2004 by Martin Lopez and Kim Platbarzdis, the project would soon be on hold, to be resumed only six years later with the addition of Joel Ekelöf and Steve DiGiorgio (who’s not present in this tour, I haven’t found out yet why). Signing with Spinefarm Records, their so awaited debut “Cognitive” saw the light of day early his year and it’s considered by many the progressive album of 2012.

The songs played belonged to that album, to a full Hard Club and very welcoming to their sound – a bit of old OPETH with a lot of TOOL, but more melodic than the American band. And Ekelöf‘s voice, strong and somewhat somber, adds up another level of charisma.

After “Fraktal” and “Fraccions”, the two songs which also “Cognitive” begins with, Joel commented that he’d heard Benfica had lost to Barcelona. He smiled after the booing he got in return, adding “but we’re in Porto” and being applauded then.

They continued with “Delenda” and there was no more jokes – football or any kind. The time was short and the delay was already too much, so Joel just introduced some songs here and there, and in “Savia” announced it would be their last as “a band called PARADISE LOST is playing next”.

In the end, after the thank-yous, Joel hesitated a little, stopping and staring back at the audience once more, really satisfied: the ovation of the crowd left no doubt about how much they’d enjoyed that show. «

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