HEAVENWOOD @ Metalpoint, 2012/08/14

Closing the evening was, obviously, HEAVENWOOD, Bruno Silva‘s own band and promoter of the event. Also, the only band with international recognition and 4 albums out, none of them self-released.

So they played song from all those albums, songs like “Flames Of Vanity”, “Rain Of July”, “13th Moon” and “Morning Glory Clouds”, for which a video was recently made for. And the crowd loved them all. :)

We also asked for an encore after they left and for brief moments we thought it wouldn’t happen. But we got it: “Bridge To Neverland” and “Suicidal Letters”. But since those are such iconic songs in the band’s career, I’m pretty sure the encore was already planned. ;)


Funny friends:

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2 Responses to HEAVENWOOD @ Metalpoint, 2012/08/14

  1. Victor Matos says:

    Foi um prazer ter participado neste evento!!
    Ainda bem que graças a pessoas como tu estes acontecimentos ficam bem documentados e explicados 😉

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