THE ENDGATE @ Metalpoint, 2012/08/14

THE ENDGATE is another band that I’ve seen a few times, but the last one had been loooooong before. Back then, the singer was still Tiago. I don’t know when Vítor joined in, but I know Mariana was the original replacement for Tiago, so… yeah, it’d been quite a long time.

Anyway, this line-up is simply brutal, fitting like a glove to the band’s grind/hardcore/ death/crust/punk sound (yes, they mix all those things :D). Bass player Guito is riot impersonated – that’s why I posted that last pic. In photographic terms, that pic is a total disaster, nothing but a blur. But it shows you the energetic vibe of that guy. ;)

And speaking of photos, look at the first two and tell me if those aren’t the coolest and less elucidative setlists ever (the first one in particular)? :XD:

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2 Responses to THE ENDGATE @ Metalpoint, 2012/08/14

  1. Miguel"Inglês" says:

    They are back in shape 😀 yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh By the way the photo with the tongue oléeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 😀 pretty cool

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