PITCH BLACK @ Invicta X-MASsacre III, 2011/12/25

PITCH BLACK haven’t anything new to offer, still trying to complete their line-up and all, but X-MASsacre wouldn’t be X-MASsacre withouth the “thrash killing machine” ;) Besides, there’s no metalhead who gets tired of letting out some steam at the sound of “Standards Of Perfection” or “Divine Not Human” or “And The Killing Ends” or… well, you got the picture :D

Afonso Ribeiro from GATES OF HELL and Marco Silva from BIOLENCE were the special guests behind the drums and the lead guitar. And precisely today (13th February) PITCH BLACK announced that Marco would be a permanent member of the band from now on. Is my timing good or what? :XD:


About Pieni

A metalhead who loves photography and her friends.
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