DETHMOR @ Invicta X-MASsacre III, 2011/12/25

For the third edition of Invicta X-MASsacre, WEB, PITCH BLACK and HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL invited DETHMOR, a band whose activity has been on-and-off since 1998.

It’d been a while since I’d last heard about them – so long that I didn’t even know that singer Bessa was now also the bass player, although after some googling I found out that’s happened 3 years ago… Now he can’t make all those gestures with his hands, but he sure still does the evil faces that me and my camera remember so well :D

Promoting the EP “Know Your Enemies”, they provided a pure death metal gig.

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2 Responses to DETHMOR @ Invicta X-MASsacre III, 2011/12/25

  1. Miguel"Inglês" says:

    true words written 🙂

    Pure Death Metal indeed. It was the best gig i´ve seen from them.
    They´ve gone Groovier but heavier more Death

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