EQUALEFT @ Paws & Claws Fest, 2011/12/20

Up next was the “noisiest” of them all, my dear friends in EQUALEFT. Not exactly their crowd, but the stage is always their element.

Pedro Afonso from GATES OF HELL has been giving them a hand (both, actually :D) with the guitar ever since Maglor left. But this would be his last show with EQUALEFT, as they’ve already found a permanent replacement. In fact, the two last songs – “Cynical Plague” and “Amnesia” – were played by the new guy, Bernardo. Welcome aboard, kid :)

And for the first time in 2 years, I managed a picture of the WHOLE band! WOW! Miracles do happen at Christmas time :D 

The only “member” missing was Equal. A benefit concert for animals and the moose mascot fails. Tss tss =P


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2 Responses to EQUALEFT @ Paws & Claws Fest, 2011/12/20

  1. MIG-Equaleft says:

    Thanks Cousin 🙂 got to love the last one 🙂
    ohh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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