REVOLUTION WITHIN @ Vagos Open Air, 2011/08/05

Original text here:, with pictures by Sandra Manuel (

» At five o’clock REVOLUTION WITHIN had the honour – to quote singer Raça – of kicking off the third VOA. Despite the heat and the fact they didn’t know the opening song, as “Only The Strongest Will Survive” is a new track, the audience moved pretty much along the thrash metal of this band from Santa Maria da Feira.

“Silence”, for which a video was filmed and has reached over 8.800 views on YouTube, was more familiar and the enthusiasm grew bigger.

In “Surrounded By Evil”, a song on its way to become a classic, the pride on Raça‘s face was notorious, when listening “… by evil” screamed by all those people.

After introducing another brand new song, “Without Recognition”, there was time left for just one more. Raça said that they had been wanting to make a wall of death for some time now but either there wasn’t enough people, or the venue was tight… Vagos was the perfect place for it. And with the first chords of “Stand Tall”, the moshers got tangled in each other.«


  • Intro
  • Only The Strongest Will Survive
  • Silence
  • (Evil)ution
  • Surrounded By Evil
  • Without Recognition
  • Stand Tall

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2 Responses to REVOLUTION WITHIN @ Vagos Open Air, 2011/08/05

  1. Raça says:

    Muito obrigado lindaaaaaaa!!!

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