QUEENSRYCHE @ Pavilhão Atlântico, 2011/07/27

Original Portuguese version here: http://backstageforum.hot-me.com/t4466-20110727-judas-priest-queensryche-pavilhao-atlantico

» After a few hitches with the road trip (delays, too many stops to attend physiological needs, and a flat tire) we finally arrived in Pavilhão Atlântico just ten minutes before 20:00. I’d learnt on the bus, much to my surprise, that on some other forum someone said QUEENSRYCHE had cancelled the concert. I’ll never understand how these rumours start. All I know is that when I entered the venue and saw the backdrop with the logo of the band from Seattle, I couldn’t help a victorious smile.

It was 20:00 sharp when “Get Started” echoed in a far-from-being-full Atlântico.

When Geoff Tate talked to the audience after “Damaged”, he made a serious mistake by saying it was a pleasure to play for the first time in Lisbon. I questioned his memory’s validity, but there was someone who went further and claimed he should have thought he was in Spain when he played at Aula Magna barely 3 years ago. But later I remembered that the tour in question, Operation Mindcrime I & II, was supposed to hit Europe in the fall of 2007 but ended up cancelled and completely re-schedule to the summer of 2008. The original Portuguese date was supposed to happen at Sá da Bandeira theatre, in Porto, but the new schedule moved it to Aula Magna in Lisbon. So I believe Tate got confused only with the cities, not the countries.

And speaking about cities, Tate said we might know a lot of things about QUEENSRYCHE hometown, but maybe we didn’t know Seattle had a nickname: Jet City. And so was made the introduction to “Jet City Woman”.

On the last song, “Eyes Of A Stranger”, Tate changed his tone of voice for the chorus – probably because the original is too high and the 52-year-old singer feared to missed it. So we all went out of tune in his place, with body and soul :XD: «


  • Get Started
  • Damaged
  • I Don’t Believe In Love
  • NM 156
  • Screaming In Digital
  • Jet City Woman
  • Empire
  • Eyes Of A Stranger



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