Revisited: SONIC SYNDICATE “we rule the night”

I’m importing some of my favorite posts from my old blog at MySpace.

» SONIC SYNDICATE is one of my favourite bands, if not THE favourite band, so I understand that people may have doubts about my judgement on this. But those who know me also know that I’m a very fair person and I would be the first to point the finger at something I didn’t feel as right.
Besides, this is just an opinion. Why don’t you go listen to the album and decide for yourself if you agree or not? 😉

Original Portuguese version here:

The 4th album of English-Swedish SONIC SYNDICATE will hit the Portuguese stores on August 30th, but since the 20th it’s available for free streaming on the band’s official MySpace (

Many critics and, much more important, SONIC SYNDICATE themselves consider this their best work so far. The reason is very simple: it’s diverse.

Some fans may be disappointed, but the truth is that in their two previous albums, “only inhuman” and “love and other disasters”, the band explored to the max that melodic metalcore sound. It would be very hard to keep doing it without becoming repetitive. It was time for a change and “we rule the night” is the result.

Nathan J. Biggs does what he wants with his voice, the latter having a total complicity with Richard Sjunnesson’s screams – whether they sing in turns (“burn this city”, “plans are for people”) or together (“black and blue”). Much more flowing guitars (“turn it up”, “revolution, baby”) and Roger Sjunnesson also added some emphasis to the keys/synths (“break of day”, “we rule the night”). “Beauty and the freak” and “leave me alone” show us a darker SONIC SYNDICATE, and I can’t find another word but “beautiful” to describe the melodies of both ballads “my own life” and “miles apart”.

I was asked which was my favourite song and honestly I can’t choose. And if I do, I’m sure that the answer will be different some time from now. Each song has something that distinguishes them from one another and now I understand what Robin Sjunnesson meant when he said, in the interview with Backstage Music Forum, that the fans would have different favourite songs.

The next step is to see how this works live. Seems like I’m already listening to the crowd screaming in one voice “… RULE THE NIGHT, RULE THE NIGHT TOGETHER!” «

Label: Nuclear Blast

Producer: Toby Wright


  1. Beauty and the freak
  2. Revolution, baby!
  3. Turn it up
  4. My own life
  5. Burn this city
  6. Black and blue
  7. Miles apart
  8. Plans are for people
  9. Leave me alone
  10. Break of day
  11. We rule the night
  12. Dead and gone (bonus track)
  13. Perfect alibi (Asian bonus track)

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