MOCH OF DOOM @ Gaia Em Peso, 2010/10/23

Now this was an even bigger surprise. Can’t describe exactly what they play, but whatever it is, it’s fast, full of attitude and well performed. Singer Jorge is very expressive, guitarrist José the typical headbanger, bassplayer João is a natural jumper… It was quite frustrating not knowing their songs and therefor not being able to guess when he was going to jump. On “top model maniac” both he and guitarrist César even jumped at the same time, and I was soooooo pissed for missing that on camera! But then, they covered Metallica’s “seek and destroy”. And there was this part where I was sure he would do it. And voilá, the last pic was born. Damn, I’m good :D

About Pieni

A metalhead who loves photography and her friends.
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