DESTRUCTION @ Hard Club, 2019/09/12

Original Portuguese version on World Of Metal.


I believe when DESTRUCTION named their band in 1982 they were thinking about the kind of sound they were aiming for. I wonder if they already knew back then that it would also match the reaction of the fans to said sound… The opening track, “Curse The Gods”, was still halfway through and the crowdsurfers already fell like flies in the pit. The three songs out of the latest “Born To Perish” – the title-track, “Betrayal” and “Inspired By Death” – were welcomed as any other all-time favorite.

And speaking of “time”, Schmier recalled – along some of the presents – the awesome show in Cascais, in 1988, with MOTÖRHEAD. I missed that one, but judging by all the others I’ve been to, I’m sure it wasn’t much different: band and crowd always live up to the former’s name.

They left “Thrash Till Death” for the end – more than a motto it is a true hymn – and since they were touring with OVERKILL, they played “Bestial Invasion” out of “Infernal Overkill”, dedicating it to the old school fans.

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