THE END OF GRACE @ Harry B. James, 2014/02/15

TEOGHBJAfter Linköping and Göteborg, the third show was held in Stockholm, in the 7th anniversary celebration of Dirty Nights at Harry B. James. Weariness was starting to show, and the sound of the venue itself wasn’t exactly perfect, but THE END OF GRACE still did good enough to pull out a very lively response from the crowd. One fan in particular gave the security guy a hard time and a big bruise on my left upper arm… Not that I’m complaining about him! I know the risk when I go up front, and I was really happy to see such enthusiasm for “my boys”. I’m complaining about my bad luck because he managed to hit me three times in the same place, hence the bruise. :XD:

The new song “Beneath The Waves” also got a pretty good welcome, and despite not having a guest singer for “Fist Face Bleed” this time, no one seemed to mind that the Swedish parts were backtracks. I think that if I hadn’t the previous awesome show at Klubb Defused/Sticky Fingers to compare this one with, I wouldn’t have noticed that they needed to recharge their batteries, because the passion these boys put into their music is always top. ;)

Which was something that I needed to do myself, as I had my own miles weighting on me and still a few more the following day, to return home. And as my whole shoulder blade was now hurting from the last encounter with the aforementioned mosher, I decided to head to hotel and skip the SEVENTRIBE show. :( I bet it was an amazing show, but as I saw later that a fan smashed his face in a mosh pit, I wasn’t so sad that I’d missed it. With my bad luck, I would probably got to the hotel with a lot more than a bruise.. :XD:

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