FOR THE GLORY @ Hard Club, 2013/10/11

Original Portuguese version at Sound(/)Zone.

FTGHCNBT“We’re FOR THE GLORY and one of the things I hate listening the most is ‘shut up and play’ – those who know us also know that I’ve got plenty to say” was one of the first things that Congas said when getting on stage. And that’s gladly so, as not only the “plenty to say” is usually stuff which we can all relate to, but also serves as a break in the madness installed by the slam dancers.

Regarding the latest album “Lisbon Blues”, which they were promoting that night, Congas claimed that all the pictures of Lisbon were due to the fact that it was the city he knew best, the reality that he felt more at ease to talk about. But he was well aware, as we all should be, that the political, social and economical problems in all major cities were practically the same.

At a certain point, Sérgio‘s guitar (or amp, couldn’t tell for sure) had some problem and the song was interrupted. Congas looked at the other guitarist, but João was caught off guard and wasn’t able to cover for his friend. Someone in the audience joked João only knows his part”. The aggressive nature of FOR THE GLORY‘s music and lyric theme doesn’t prevent the band or its fans from having a sense of humour.

“Lisbon Blues” was Sound(/)Zone’s “album of the month” and in terms of national hardcore, FOR THE GLORY may also take the gold medal for best live band – the hymn “Survival Of The Fittest” wrapped up another gig that proves it.



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