EUROPE @ Palacio Vistalegre, 2013/06/26


Apparently this gig was part of the “Bag Of Bones Tour 2013”, but only the first two songs of the set belonged to that album – “Riches To Rags” and “Firefox”. After that it was a ride down classics avenue and one wouldn’t even remember that EUROPE had a new album out. Well, a one-year-old new album out (time flies…).

“Superstitious” was the first stop in that ride, with Joey singing a snippet of WHITESNAKE‘s “Here I Go Again” in-between, with that typical amused smile of his. :D I loved it, obviously, but it was kind of sad when later on I heard it by WHITESNAKE themselves and realized that those few seconds of a cover sounded a lot better than the whole original version… Ah well. :P

John Norum‘s guitar solo wasn’t very long – they were “the opening act” after all – but he still delighted the fans, linking it to the intro of “Girl From Lebanon”.

“Yes yes yes!” was Joey‘s new favorite expression and he irradiated energy and good spirits. So much that he didn’t even play guitar, like in both previous times I’ve seen them. He was too electric for that. :D Even “Carrie” sounded “less ballad”, even though the emotional charge of those +10.000 people singing the chorus was truly heartfelt.

“Seven Doors Hotel” was a pleasant surprise, but appropriate – if DEF LEPPARD were celebrating the 25th anniversary of “Hysteria” and its World Tour, EUROPE should also celebrate the 30th anniversary of their first single.

During “Rock The Night” our vocal skills were tested and I think we passed it. “Prelude” was the equivalent of a break for an encore and “Last Look Of Eden” and, duh, “The Final Countdown” wrapped up the set. The good times rocked indeed. :)


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