DEBUNKER @ Metalpoint, 2012/12/08

After the laughter in the EQUALEFT HQ, it was time to go down two floors and get inside Metalpoint, for the warm-up gig of the oldest national metal fest. Hardmetal Fest will be holding its 19th edition early 2013 (January 12th) in Mangualde.

Thrashers DEBUNKER opened up the night. They’re a lot looser than last time I’ve seen them, but then again, that had been their live debut back then. ;)

That smoke machine will eventually be the ultimate demise of my visual perception…


About Pieni

A metalhead who loves photography and her friends.
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2 Responses to DEBUNKER @ Metalpoint, 2012/12/08

  1. Victor says:

    I liked the review, photos, sound and band …

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