WEB @ Invicta X-MASsacre III, 2011/12/25


As said in previous entries, 2011 saw the 25th anniversary of WEB. The official party/concert was at Metalpoint, which is iconic in our underground but hasn’t a stage that big. So they decided to invite their friend musicians for the annual event they help promoting, which was held at another iconic venue, at a larger scale, Hard Club.

The first four songs were the same four songs of their latest album, “Deviance”, which they played “solo”. Then the parade of stars began, crossing the same red carpet that had been at the rehearsal room ;)

Hugo Almeida, owner of Metalpoint and drummer in too-many-to-mention bands, and Vítor Franco from HEAD:STONED joined in for “Reflections”. PG Fernandes from HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL and Luís Lisboa and Susana Brochado, both from HACKSAW, helped in “Valley Of The Sacred Souls” – which was really interesting to listen to with Lisboa‘s death metal tone. 

“Last War” wasn’t that different in terms of vocals, as everyone was already used to see EQUALEFT-Miguel Inglês jumping in. But this time it was a real duet, when usually Inglês sings and Nando just backs up in the choruses. Álvaro Fernandes and Daniel Silva from PITCH BLACK joined the strings, Nando introducing Daniel as his “twin brother” (due their long dark hair and being both bassists, when they’re headbanging and you can’t see their faces, it’s not hard to mistake them for one another :D).

“Time For Revenge”, a song from the “Evil Tape” (1994), had two more members from HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL, Zé Pedro and Diogo Pereira.

And then “The Candle”, with Vera Sá from HEAD:STONED and the famous guitar player in TARÂNTULA (the band which the original WEB line-up used to be roadie for), Paulo Barros.

The list of guests was over, but the setlist wasn’t. The band played yet “If Only There Was Light” and SLAYER‘s “Raining Blood” – which was denominated as “one big party” on the sheet of paper. This one had another kind of special guests on stage – the audience. “One big party” indeed :)


Click on “permalink” to see the pics in bigger resolution.

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2 Responses to WEB @ Invicta X-MASsacre III, 2011/12/25

  1. Miguel"Inglês" says:

    Good Review, good photos of a great Xmas partyyyyyyyyy 🙂

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