ENTOMBED @ Hard Club, 2011/06/11

Original Portuguese version here: http://backstageforum.hot-me.com/t4393-2011-06-11-entombed-wako-gates-of-hell-hard-club

For Dorota :)

» There aren’t many bands that can play a concert while drunk, but ENTOMBED are on that list. L.G. Petrov threw up a bit at some point, but that didn’t affect his performance. By the contrary – he wiped his mouth with his hand, shook his head, made another one of his usual faces and went on with his characteristic way of “dancing”, amusing everyone who noticed what had happened. In an overly good mood, they didn’t fail anyone’s expectations.

The venue was far from being full – although a “legend” in our underground, ENTOMBED isn’t a “hip band” – but the audience was at its best (though there was still no moshing).

A parade of classics that started with “Eyemaster”, went through “Crawl” and “Damn Deal Done”, and had two encores, ending with “Out Of Hand”. After the bow and the throwing of drumsticks, picks and setlists, Alex Hellid jumped into the pit and shook hands with the fans from one side to the other of the front row. «

  • Eyemaster
  • Serpent Speech
  • Living Dead
  • Sinners Bleed
  • Serpent Saints
  • I For An Eye
  • Crawl
  • When In Sodom
  • Like This With The Devil
  • Supposed To Rot
  • Stranger Aeons
  • Damn Deal Done
  • Left Hand Path


  • Chief Rebel Angel
  • Demon
  • Wolverine Blues


  • Chaos Breed
  • Out Of Hand


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