GATES OF HELL @ Hard Club, 2011/06/11

Original Portuguese version here:

» After Metal GDL the night before, it was Hard Club’s turn to welcome Swedish ENTOMBED.

Local band GATES OF HELL honored the opening, already past 21:00. The delay was on purpose, as there wasn’t many people in the venue yet. At last, they started with a new song, “Embracing The Reality”.

For that night, Hard Club also had another Clash Club party scheluded, and it seemed that the light tech was already trying the psychadelic strobes… But in matters of sound – despite the complaining of some of the musicians – it was good for me.

Another track that will be featured in the full-length album (release date still undetermined) is “Epidemic Plague”, that the band introduced to us right before “Dead Roses”, which dedicated to everyone who’s been supporting them since the beginning.

“Whoremageddon” closed the set, with “godfather” Miguel Inglês (EQUALEFT) as special guest. Apparently it hadn’t been previously arranged and it took Miguel by surprise, but I’ve always taken for granted his climbing on stage with his “godsons” whenever he’s attending a GOH concert. «

  • Embracing The Reality
  • Breaking The World
  • Epidemic Plague
  • Dead Roses
  • Oceans Of Insanity
  • Whoremageddon

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